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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Capital City

My spring break is quickly coming to a close and I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry, but I thought I'd share our adventure from the week.

Tuesday morning we ate a quick breakfast and headed out to Washington D.C. to spend a few days. One of my best girlfriends from college recently moved there.
Cate and Brennan were rockstars in the car. We made great time, only stopped twice, and were there by dinner. Coming home was the same-- only we added an 90 minutes due to traffic and thunderstorms that brought hail and crazy lightning. Anyway...our first full day we spent at the National Zoo.
Brennan perfected his smolder playing on a giant pizza. This kid is seriously going to be a heartbreaker.
Cate posed by one of the few cherry trees still blossoming.
My girl loved the meerkats in the small mammal exhibit. She was excited to see "a real Timon."
I also got what is now one of my new favorite shots of my rockstar kids.Getting them both to smile and look in mostly the same direction is a challenge these days.

Later that night, after all the kids were in bed, my awesome friend volunteered to babysit the monitor so Eric and I could go see the monuments lit up at night. I forgot my tripod and am still learning about night and low light photography, but managed a halfway decent shot of the Washington Monument. Thursday we took the Metro to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Cate couldn't wait to ride the subway-- probably because this is one of her favorite books. Brennan slept through most of the Museum. Cate was interested in some of it-- mostly the transportation part. I thought it was cool to see the real Star Spangled Banner-- the one Francis Scott Key was looking at when he penned the song. After a morning inside, we headed out to the Mall to let the kids run around. I thought it would be awesome if Brennan took his first steps on the Mall, but he wouldn't let go. That kid is so dang close to walking, but just won't do it. He did stop crawling around long enough to pose for his future campaign poster. Who wouldn't vote for him?That's a kite above his head, by the way. A few pictures and a stop by the World War Two Memorial later and we were on our way back to the subway. It had been 10 years since Eric and I had been in this city together (we went on fall break our junior year at Miami to visit one of my best friends from home while she was studying for a semester at American University). Like many places I've been in life, I found D.C. to be totally different with children in tow. It's not a bad thing-- just a life change thing. 10 years ago we explored the trendy parts of the city, stayed up way too late, and ate out for every meal. This trip, we explored the kid-friendly parts of the city, crashed around 10 every night, and ate most of our meals at our friends' house. And I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Thanks Jane, Andy, Collette, and Anderson for hosting us! We can't wait to come back and visit you again!

~Melody :-)

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Lynn said...

Looks like a fun trip. I love the family photo and the last one of Cate.