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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Cate had an egg hunt on Thursday at school. The only large fenced-in area big enough for all of the kids at once was the cemetery next to the church. So that's where the egg hunt took place. They do have a fenced-in play area, but it's not large enough to hold all of the classes, plus parents, plus siblings.
Cate helped Brennan find a few eggs of his own.
Each kid was only allowed to find 5 eggs, which made it very fair for each kiddo.
Thursday was also opening day for the Cincinnati Reds. So we all sported our Reds gear (but I only managed a picture of the kids). We can't wait to head to the ballpark. Being so close to downtown means we can decide at the last minute if we want to head down to a game.
On Friday both Cate and I were off school. We dyed some eggs. I ate one and had no issues. I've been feeling pretty awesome lately, too, so I think the worst is over and we'll chalk it up to some weird viral or bacterial thing complicated by an ulcer-- which is pretty much what the doctor called it.
We started a little container garden in our backyard. I've never been much of a green thumb, so if this works out, we might try a raised bed next year. For now we're trying our hands at tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, green peppers, and strawberries. Putting them in containers means we don't have to deal with weeds.
Eric and I have decided if even one pot yields something useful, we'll consider it a success and try again next year. If more than one yields something edible, we'll aim for the raised box. Cate helped me decorate a large pot for each crop.
We visited the bunny at the mall. The kids got fun masks.
Brennan didn't scream or cry the way he did with Santa. But he didn't sit still for long. This was the best I could get unless I wanted to pay $17.99+tax for ONE 5x7.
The bunny visited my kids last night and was very generous. Playmobil 123 is genius-- Brennan loved the rocketship. Cate got a Playmobil egg with a zookeeper and animals. Of course treats and books were part of their baskets. Cate also got a couple of new coloring books.
He also left me this. My mason-jar lovin' heart is so excited to have a lid for when I drink my coffee or tea out of mason jars. Today we celebrated Easter at church and then with family. I think this quote from Brennan Manning (yup, that's where we got Brennan's name) sums it up:
"He could not be glorified until he had been crucified. The whole purpose of his redemptive suffering, death, and resurrection was to share with us the fruits of his Easter triumph." ~Brennan Manning

Happy Easter! I'm off to attempt to put two children, who have ingested probably three times their normal daily sugar allowance today, to bed.
~Melody :-)

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Emily said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! I can't believe how big your little man is getting. I love that last picture of them.. what a pair! :)