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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Fever

With temperatures in the 70s and close to 80 all last week, I think it's safe to say that the Riggs family has spring fever! We've enjoyed having the windows open all week. We've made multiple park trips and played a lot in our backyard (well, until the random pop-up thunderstorms that accompany spring fever turned our backyard into a soupy mess.

We started off the week with Cate bringing home "the mystery bag" from preschool. She had to pick an item from home that fit in the bag, write clues to help her classmates figure out her item (the first clue had to be "it starts with ___" and the letter it starts with), and then bring it to school. Cate chose her Magna Doodle, came up with her clues, and got a little help from Mommy writing it all out.
Mid-week brought about a new opportunity for Mommy-- as a 31 consultant. To make a long story short, it's something I've been contemplating for nearly a year, I wanted a couple of the things in the new consultant kit (and it was cheaper to become a new consultant and buy the kit than to just buy the things I wanted), and I wanted a way to make a little extra money so that we could give a little more to some cool initiatives at our church. Brennan helped me unpack my new consultant kit when it arrived on Friday.
I've already found a use for most of the things in it. If you'd like some 31 swag of your own, I've got an online "Welcome Party" where you can shop by clicking here until next Sunday (3/25). All items will ship to me and I'll get them to you. If you're out of town though, you'll want to check the box that asks you to ship to customer and your items will come directly to your door (for only $4 more). Here is a link to my site. Please let me know anytime if there is anything you want to order of if you're interested in an Open House party or online/catalog party (hostesses earn free products).

Saturday I celebrated another Regional Tournament win with my Power of the Pen competitive creative writing team. We've won this tournament every year since 2002, with the exception of one year, where we lost it by 14 points (in the scheme of hundreds of points earned). Six of my writers automatically qualified for the State Tournament in May. And one of my writers brought me this cute gift to thank me for coaching her.
We headed to the zoo after church today and enjoyed some more sunshine. We also enjoyed the surprise of the zoo still having Great Lakes Christmas Ale on tap. It's a favorite brew of ours and around these parts, if you don't buy a case when it first hits the stores in early November, you most likely won't find it anywhere else but at the bars on tap-- it sells that quickly. I also got some fun shots of the kids.
We ended the day on the merry-go-round. 3/4 of the Riggs family fell asleep on the way home (Daddy enjoyed the quiet drive). It's supposed to stay nice until Thursday or Friday, when it dips back into the 60s. I'm not complaining though. We may not have had any snow days or delays this year, but the mild winter has brought a beautiful early spring that more than makes up for it.
Have you caught spring fever yet?

~Melody :-)

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