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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Way to End the Week

It's official-- my first week back was a success and Eric and is settling into the role of stay-at-home-dad perfectly. Though my first week back was exhausting (that 5am wake up call is rough), it was also the best first-week-back that I've ever had in 8 years of teaching. I'm doing several things differently this year. And I like it. The first couple of days at home were a little rough for Eric, but by the end of the week, he had a rhythm going. It's so fun to be able to come straight home to kids that are dressed, fed, and happy because they've spent the day with Daddy. He even braved the pool on his own once this week (something I only did once when Eric was still working-- it's a lot). Speaking of the pool-- we decided that was the perfect place to park ourselves yesterday. They're still open for one more week, but they have reduced hours (so I can't really join my husband and kiddos after school), and next weekend it will be a zoo with all the events they have going on for Labor Day (private labor union parties, Navy day, classic car show, balloon race, fireworks, etc.). I think we'll be steering clear of the madness next weekend. Which means yesterday was probably our last time at the pool for the summer. Eric's mom and stepdad joined us for a fun day in the sun. Thanks, Greg, for the great pictures!
Poor teething Brennan. He chewed on this dolphin almost the entire time. His first tooth came in last Monday (my first day of school), and I can see that number two isn't far behind. We'll probably be seeing it sometime this week. Don't let her face fool you-- this girl loves time at the pool.
I think this is the only picture we have of all four of us at the pool, even though we all went multiple times this summer. Cate and Grandma!
Time out for a picnic. I love how the color floats make a cool background. And you should've seen Brennan eying Cate's Oreo. Soon, buddy, soon.
Our pool is part of a larger park that has a few "classic rides" (nothing big or exciting like you'd find at your standard amusement park, but fun rides for kids). Cate has her rides she has to go on each time we're there-- including the Frog Hopper (above). My girl loves the Ferris Wheel.
And with Daddy as driver, Cate loves a good bumper car ride.

My in-laws were gracious enough to keep Cate last night so that Eric and I could have some time with each other (and little guy). We'll pick her up after church this morning.

Today we have a parent meeting for Cate's preschool. I can't believe she'll really be going in just a couple of weeks. She's grown up too quickly.

To our beloved pool-- it's been a fun summer and we'll see you in 9 months when you reopen again.

~Melody :-)


Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

It looks like ya'll had a serious blast!! I love your bathing suit, it looks adorable :)

Carly said...

These are great pictures, you have a fun pool. Glad Eric is settling into this new role,and that you are able to make it work to have one parent staying home. 5am is super early!! You have my sympathy on that one!

Emily said...

What a wonderful day! I love your bathing suit... it looks great on you! Our pool is still open for a few more weekends, not sure if we'll make it there or not. I'm glad your year is off to such a great start. Hopefully it will continue to be a good one! :)

LLF said...

Your pictures make me want to join the Sunlite Pool at Coney next year (that's where you are, right?)