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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These Last Few Days of Summer

Summer isn't officially over for another month or so. But my summer, and my extended maternity leave, are coming to an end. This time next week, I'll be 2 days into the new school year, with 106 brand new students-- 106 young minds with which to share my love of literature.

But until then, I'm trying to drink in what's left of my time off. Cate and I painted rocks from our hike.
We've spent some time at the pool.
Our pool is really big-- it's hard for some people to grasp if they haven't been there. We used to go when I was a kid. The best part? No "adult swim." Today I saw a license plate that read: NJOY BN (enjoy being-- or at least that's what I took it to mean, even though my former Barnes and Noble employee mind wandered to a place where I briefly wondered if it was a license plate plug for my favorite bookstore chain). That's what I've been trying to do a lot of lately-- enjoy being. Be present. It's an attitude that's made for a great end to my summer. And I think it'll make for a great school year too.

~Melody :-)

1 comment:

mama marchand said...

No adult swim rocks! :) Have a lovely rest of your summer, sweet friend. Also, I mailed you a package today!