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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Belated 7 Months

In addition to July 23rd being the birthday of both my cousin and my uncle (her dad), it was also Brennan's 7 month birthday.

Days before he turned 7 months old (on July 19th to be exact), buddy started sitting up on his own.

He now eats fruits, veggies and meats. Most of them homemade (I'll do a post on that later, I promise). Like his big sister, Mommy, and Daddy, he loves books. Although he likes to eat them. Still no teeth-- we keep waiting. Brennan loves to be held and/or worn. He still hates it when he's left alone in a room (even if it's just for a few seconds). Sophie the Giraffe remains one of his favorite toys. That and the moon from his rocketship set. And his baby paper.

It's hard to believe he's closer to one now than birth. He's graduated to a convertible carseat (at 18 pounds, he was just too heavy to keep carrying in the carrier). He rolls all over the place and with some work, can usually get to what he wants. I'm sure it won't be long before he's crawling. But I'm not rushing anything.

More birthdays will be celebrated this week as Eric rings in the last year of his twenties and Cate officially turns three-and-a-half.

~Melody :-)

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mama marchand said...

Happy 7 months, baby B! :)