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Monday, September 29, 2008

Keeping Busy

Ahhh...Monday...the time when we attempt to catch you up on what went on in our lives over the weekend.

Someone was reading our minds on Friday. We haven't eaten out in awhile--mostly because Cate no longer snoozes in her carseat while Mommy and Daddy eat and partly because it's just plain cheaper (and we're actually having a lot of fun in our own kitchen). But on Friday, as we tried to decide what to eat for dinner, we noticed a Domino's flyer near our mailbox. Not the healthiest option, but they had a weekend special- $7 for a large pizza. We ordered ours with green peppers and headed out to Ault Park for a family picnic. We used to live near the park when we were first married and used to walk there 3 or 4 times a week. At least now it's only a 5 minute drive away. Which was apparently long enough to put Miss Cate to sleep.
She woke up in time to taste her first bite of pizza.
She wasn't a big fan...maybe if it would have had sweet potatoes (her favorite on it)...
Anyway, we took some fun pictures:
Cate went for a quick ride on the swings and down the slide (we left the camera in the car), before we headed over to neighboring Oakley, for the final Oakley After Hours of the summer. We stopped in at our favorite toy store, where Cate showed us what she wanted for Christmas.
Isn't that the cutest little Radio Flyer walker wagon? No she is not walking, or cruising...heck, we haven't really mastered crawling yet (we go backwards, in circles, and we sort of army crawl forward). But she does keep her balance enough when you help her stand holding onto things.

After our Dave Ramsey class Saturday morning, we headed up to Hudson to visit Melody's parents. Melody's dad's birthday is Friday, so we wanted to make sure we could celebrate on our quick trip up. Cate enjoyed relaxing with Grandpa.
She even got her first bite of cake and ice cream after he blew out his candles. She wasn't real big on the chocolate frosting (although she's our kid, so we're sure a love of chocolate will develop later...hopefully dark chocolate, which is Mommy's favorite). We forgot to take a picture of this first taste...but we didn't miss Grandpa with the cake before we devoured it. We headed home late Sunday afternoon. Cate stayed awake pretty much the whole time, giggling and babbling to her toys. At least she wasn't crying.

We collapsed into bed exhausted last night feeling blessed to have wonderful parents/in-laws and a beautiful, happy, healthy baby.

~Melody, Eric, and Cate :-)

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