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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sneak Peek

We're keeping our fingers crossed that it still fits her in a month...which unless she grows 2 inches, we should be okay. The costume came from some of our friends, so we are lucky not to have to buy one this year (it's not like she's really old enough to understand...so spending a ton of money on a costume really isn't practical). Isn't our little butterfly beautiful? Now all we need to get is the onesie to go under it (since it's usually chilly on Halloween) and some tights.

~Melody :-)


Leanne B. said...

Ummmm...seriously, I can't take that picture! She's ridiculously adorable! I LOVE HER COSTUME!

Aunt B and 3 said...

Oh my good goodness! I have the full screensaver of this Hallmark precious baby! Does she REALLY belong to us!?! I am running out of screen-cleaner needed for the Aunt B kisses I give those chubby cheeks each time I log on or off! Love to 3 from Aunt B. Hurry North!

Cecily said...

Wow, Melody. She is an angel in that little outfit. I hope you guys enjoy your Halloween.