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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You know the saying....

When it rains, it pours. Actually, I have a lot to be thankful for and a little rain never hurt anyone.

On my way home from school today, I was rear ended getting on 71. For those of you that have ever tried to get on 71 South at Western Row (coming from Mason), you might agree with me that the yield sign there for the on ramp really needs to be a stop sign because of the traffic coming from Kings Island Drive. Anyway...I stopped because of the cross traffic that had the green light and the woman behind me kept going and hit me.

It was kind of embarrassing. Not only did a few coworkers drive by and see me, but when a pregnant woman is involved in a car accident they always send the life squad (especially when you're at 39 weeks). The squad actually suggested having them transport me to the hospital just in case (sometimes the stress sends women into labor even if the accident wasn't that bad), but since I was on my way to the doctor anyway and my car was still drivable, they let me go (after signing several waivers of course). I'm just fine and baby Cate is great too. I'm hoping that since the stress of a car accident (even a minor one) wasn't enough to get her going, that this means she'll be a pretty "chill" kind of kid. We'll see.

My car is a different story though. It happened in the new one...our Caliber. But I keep reminding myself, it's just a car. It can be fixed. It's not worth worrying about. Thankfully the woman who hit me (who I probably made feel horrible because I freaked out when it first happened, mostly because of the baby thing) is insured. So it's just a matter of working with her insurance company to get my car repaired and a rental car to use in the meantime (we're talking the whole back bumper is going to need to be replaced).

But...as if that wasn't enough for one day, Cate's namesake, my sister Catherine, was injured at basketball practice. It turns out that she has an infusion sprain which means that there is fluid in between her bones and tendons. Nothing is broken, but because of the fluid the doctor can't tell if there are any torn ligaments or not. She was put in a boot, given some crutches, and told not to put weight on it for two weeks. So the end of her senior year basketball season is not looking so great, but I'm praying that her injury won't affect her track season too badly. Track is her love and what she is good at and I know she is looking forward to what will hopefully be her best season yet.

I think that's enough excitement for today! Although I will tell you this...we found out today that we're at one centimeter dilated. So my body is definitely preparing itself for labor. Cate's still pretty high up in there, but the doctor could touch her head today. She couldn't make any promises as to when Cate would arrive because babies are so unpredictable. I can be at 1 centimeter today and go into labor tomorrow. The sooner the better though...I'm ready to meet her!


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