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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year

Now that the holidays are over, we pretty much just have Cate's arrival occupying our minds. Melody had a full two weeks off of teaching that she enjoyed spending with family, friends, and our pets (who haven't seen her home this much in awhile since she worked all summer). Cate probably also appreciated her mom's much slower pace. Eric had some extra time off of work too during the holidays and a bonus snow delay last Wednesday (so he didn't have to go in until noon). Besides hanging out with family, friends, and the pets, he learned how to put together a multitude of baby things (the pack n' play being his greatest challenge). Anyway, we thought you'd enjoy a few pictures of the holidays.

We'll start with one of Melody with Emily and Jenny. We got a new griddle for Christmas and were dying to try it out, so Jenny, Jimmy, Emily, and Ryan helped us eat a few pancakes one morning.

A few days after Christmas, Melody's family came back down to Cincinnati for the UC/Miami basketball game. We thought Miami had a pretty good chance given that they beat Illinois and Xavier (and Xavier beat UC in the Crosstown Shootout). They played okay, but the game went to the Bearcats, 56-50. There's not much you can do when UC puts in their 7-footer. Melody's whole family rooted for the Bearcats though. Melody's sister Catherine has applied to UC and it's her number one choice. We're hoping she'll join us in the 'Nati this fall...although her niece Cate will only wear Bearcat apparel when they're not playing the Redhawks. Mel's dad also went to UC.

We'll end with a picture of us ringing in the New Year with Andy, Jane, Ryan, Melissa, and Emily. 2007 definitely exceeded expectations. We both ran our first marathons, raised over $5000 combined for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Melody finished her Master's degree, Eric got out of retail and into a job he is way more passionate about and that he absolutely loves, and we got the good news about baby Cate (who will definitely start off 2008 on a great note). The Lord has certainly blessed us this past year. We've learned a lot about grace and a lot about letting go and giving it all to God. He's got a bigger picture in mind for all of us that sometimes is hard to see, so we just have to trust Him.

Happy 2008!

~Eric and Melody :-)

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