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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five Mother's Days!?!

Even though Eric always jokingly got me a Mother's Day card from the cat, and later from the cat and the dog, my first real Mother's Day came when my sweet girl was a little over three months old.

My second Mother's Day saw me getting discharged from the hospital after a weird virus that had kept me there for three long nights (mostly because they needed to rule out that I wasn't highly contagious and was okay to go back out in public again).

And while it wasn't blog-official yet, I was baking a Brennan by my third Mother's Day.

Brennan was here to celebrate Mother's Day number 4.

Which leaves today-- Mother's Day number 5. Rainy and gloomy and a few leftover moments of pain from a migraine yesterday, but overall, a good day. Flowers and donuts and chocolate at breakfast. Listening to Eric guest-play guitar at a local church (not our regular church). A cookout at my sister and brother-in-law's new house. A quiet bath and time to read the book that has been entertaining me for the last two weeks (it's hilarious, y'all). And a book that should arrive tomorrow.

Actually, this whole weekend has been well-spent with the people who made me a mama to begin with. :-) Friday I came home to a gift from Cate, made at preschool.

It was the first Oakley After Hours party (they run from May-September around here). Cate got a blue-jay painted on her face and Brennan enjoyed testing out toys at the toy-store (and chasing around the owner's new dog, Rosie, who is now the toy-store mascot and delights my animal-lovin' kiddos and who moved to fast to let me snap a picture).

On Saturday (pre-migraine), Cate and I attended a birthday party for one of her classmates at Run, Jump, and Play. We enjoyed racing through the inflatable obstacle courses.

And today was spent indoors, but with lots of loving family around. My heart is full. My kids are tired. I'm going to go snuggle them to sleep and then watch Thursday's 30 Rock and last night's SNL (with Will Ferrell guest hosting) before I crash too. I am one blessed Mommy.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommy's who read my blog!
~Melody :-)

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The Palmer Family Blog said...

So funny! We were at run, jump, and play Saturday morning for a birthday party too. Sounds like you had a nice mother's day,