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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, Nope-- It's Just a Bird

Last week we took a day trip over to Pittsburgh, a little under 2 hours from my parents' home. After lunch with one of my oldest (oldest in terms of how long we've known each other, not in terms of age) friends and her wonderful husband, we headed over to The National Aviary.

If you've been around this blog long enough, you know that my sweet girl has a thing for penguins. She loves them. Is obsessed with them. Would be one if she could. Ask her right now what she wants to be someday and she'll tell you, "a zookeeper that takes care of penguins." Some days it's just, "a penguin keeper." The Aviary has a great penguin display. We spent quite a bit of our time there. I like birds. To look at them. Or to decorate/accessorize with (not real ones, but bird accessories or birds on things). I don't want to own one. I'm not afraid of them either though. I think they're beautiful. My girl loves them though (she pretty much loves all animals-- I think she'd live at the zoo if she could). She was eager to help feed any bird that was scheduled to eat while we were there (they keep them on a schedule so the birds are actually hungry during feeding time and you can have a close encounter with them).
My budding Dr. Doolittle also made friends with an eagle. She'd put her hands up the glass and this guy would tap the glass right back at her.
It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. We headed back to my parents' house after leaving the aviary, but we're hoping to go back. Eric didn't get to come, so we'd like to spend a day, or even an overnight, getting to know that city. My friend, Jenn, tells me they have a fabulous conservatory and children's museum, as well as plenty of green space to run around in with the kids. We're thinking either a fall or spring trip might be in order (Pittsburgh, like many Midwest cities, has horrible winters).

If you're ever in Pittsburgh, stop by the aviary. We really enjoyed it and our Cincinnati Zoo pass got us in for half price!

~Melody :-)

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