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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend Fun and Birthdays

So, we ventured up to Hudson with Cate for the second time this past weekend, and had much less stuff to bring up. It's amazing how much room a stroller takes up. Cate did really well. She was all smiles and giggles for everyone that came over to see her, for the most part. And she got to see her aunt Catherine at a track meet. We celebrated Mel's birthday up in Hudson with some burgers and Italian sausages and some birthday cake. Then we came home and celebrated Mel's birthday with my parents last night at Toot's with a birthday cake made by me and Cate. (Cate was actually sleeping, but she was with me in spirit.) We had to capture another shot that was reminiscent of Mel's mother with her at about the same age. Overall, it was a fun weekend, and a good stress reliever for me before the chaos that will be the flying pig. God blessed me with a house full of girls!

- Papa E

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