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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Run Mom and Dad, Run!

This week was Melody's first week back at work and things went pretty smoothly...but they sure were busy. We both continued to lose weight through Weight Watchers and enjoyed another new episode of The Office. On Friday we had a cookout with two other couples we met through a small group at Crossroads. It was the first night we put Cate down for the night at someone else's house and then took her home around 11 that night. She stayed asleep until it was time for her to eat at 5am. Go Cate!

On Saturday we went to the Baby Expo downtown, which was a lot of fun. Babies R Us provided wonderful nursing stations with gliders and baby changing stations with wipes, diapers, sanitizer, and more. Then it was off to the Rat Race where Cate hung out in her stroller (below) with Eric's parents while Melody ran the 5K and Eric ran the 10K. Eric finished the 10K in about an hour and 10 minutes. It took Melody just under 40 to run the 5k...not bad considering she's not even 3 months post partum yet.

Here we are at the finish! Knowing Cate was at the finish line was a huge motivator to keep going.
Next weekend we're heading up to Hudson (and taking Friday off) to watch Mel's sister, Catherine, run in her track invitational and to show Cate off to a few more people.

~Eric and Melody


Debra said...

will we be able to see pictures of all the family. ot says mom your like a stalker and i said we need to see this cute baby!!dt

Leanne B. said...

Melody, you have one adorable baby! She's too cute in the pictures! Also, I forgot to reply to your WW email! Perhaps I will join you one day! I have been walking everyday (at least 4 miles), so hopefully that does something for me! We should get together soon! Especially when you are done for the summer! Chat with you soon!