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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Roof is in the Trunk

My dad recently got a sweet, new-to-him, BMW convertible. The thing is, my brother is a BMW specialist. Like, as in part of his job is to read BMW forums and decide what the latest/hottest add-ons are for that brand of cars and then decide if his company should carry them. And on the side, he works for a friend. They find older BMW's (10-15 years old usually), give them complete overhauls, and resell them. Which is how my dad ended up with this awesome convertible. Despite it's age, the leather interior is in perfect condition. It has less than 100,000 miles on it. And my brother and his friend pretty much replaced the entire undercarriage along with belts and the A/C. The rain stopped long enough for Cate to try it out with Poppy the other day when he came over. She loved that the "roof was in the trunk." My husband just simply loved it. He's decided that when our beloved 10 year old Neon dies, we should get something like this. I told him we'd look a little funny driving around a sporty convertible with two carseats in the back. And we live in the Midwest, which means finicky weather not always conducive to convertible driving.
But I have to admit-- it was pretty fun to cruise around in. The jury is still out on whether or not our next car may have a roof that goes in the trunk. Hopefully the Neon will give us awhile to decide (because, hey, the Neon costs us $17 a month to drive + the cost of the gas, which isn't such a bad thing right now).

~Melody :-)

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LLF said...

Emily has a black BMW convertible that she's been thinking of selling sometime in the next few years...