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Sunday, September 18, 2011

To Market, To Market (and to Two Parks too)

We had not been to our favorite downtown market in awhile, so we decided it was time to go. Plus, I figured that making freezer jam had been easy enough, so why not get some tomatoes and make some spaghetti sauce to freeze (I'm tellin' ya, freezer "canning" really is easy). Cate strapped her Bitty Baby, Annie, onto her back since Mommy was wearing Brennan in our Boba, and we were off. She picked out a perfect fall goody.
Since we were already downtown, we headed to a great park. First, we walked along the river.
Then we played.
Then we took some pictures.
We came home for a nap and then headed out to another park, northeast of the city, for Eric's stepdad's family reunion. It was fun getting to meet some of his family members that I haven't met before. And of course, the kids loved seeing Grandma.
We ended the night with an impromptu bonfire. Our neighbors joined us for some marshmallow roasting-- yum!
I absolutely love fall! It really is one of my favorite seasons. I love a good, warm sweater or sweatshirt, my jeans, and some boots. I love falling leaves, football games, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. There's no snow on the ground and Christmas shopping is just beginning (ok, who am I kidding-- we started a couple of months ago). Don't get me wrong-- I have things I love about the other seasons too. Skiing in winter. Or snowy days spent first outside playing and then inside cuddled together and keeping warm. Flowers and rain puddles and spring break in the spring. The beach, lounging by the pool, and a nice long break in the summer. But there's just something about autumn that makes my heart skip a beat when the first leaves start changing and the temperature starts dipping into the 60's. Fall always reminds me why I'm only kidding in the winter about moving somewhere warmer. The changing of the seasons marks time for my family and helps us fall into different rhythms that spice up our lives with the uniqueness each season brings.

Welcome, fall!

Melody :-)

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