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Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's one foot long and weighs two pounds?

lots of things. Carnival Hot Dogs are sometimes a foot long. Grocery store tiles as well. A Wii is three inches short. A barbell isn't even up to snuff. An acorn squash is about two pounds but isn't as long. A bottle of diet coke is almost the same weight. A small puppy could be both one foot long and two pounds, but zoey is about twice as long and closer to 9 pounds.

In case you haven't caught on yet, my unborn baby daughter has reached a new stage. She can now smell, hear, and distinguish light from dark. And she is around a foot long and two pounds. She is actually developing likes and dislikes in food.

And one day soon, she'll be graduating high school. It's just strange that we are having this baby that seems so small, and helpless, and she is going to be just like us one day. It's completely mind-boggling.

And I can feel her kick like crazy right now. Are soccer games in our future?

More to come soon.

For now I leave you with this.

- Papa E

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