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Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Ride

I know you can't see the baby bump as well in this picture, but you can see the new ride to tote Cate around. :-) We came to the realization that in both of our other cars, not much fit once you had both of us, a carseat, and a stroller. Not to mention the other things we're going to need to haul around when we're taking Cate to Hudson and later to Atlanta to visit to my parents. So we traded in our Saturn Ion Coupe and got a Dodge Caliber. It's not a ton bigger, but all the baby stuff will fit in the trunk and it sits up just a bit higher.

As for the WILD THINGS shirt and lovely spandex pants-- it was finally cool enough to go for a bike ride, so this is me pre-ride. I haven't been on my bike since we got back from Hilton Head since I had to watch the whole dehydration thing. In fact, I really couldn't do much of anything when it was hot out. So now that the temperature is down, I can finally get back out on the bike a little (running is out at this point since it makes me uncomfortable, but I usually get a walk in every day if it's not too hot). Thank goodness bike clothes are stretchy and I'm not too big yet. We went down to Lunken Playfield and rode the flat path around the airport (it's about 5.5 miles). It was absolutely wonderful to do something semi-active (we didn't ride that fast or far) outside again. I love that fall has finally come!


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Ryan said...

Niiice. Uncle Ry likes it:)