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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Have an Instagram Problem (and a Rambling Problem)

I will be the first to admit that I probably don't use my iPhone to its full capabilities. There's probably a lot more that I could do with it-- a LOT more (and let's not even go there with what I could do were I actually allowed to hook it up to my work computer). Still, in the almost year that I've had it, I don't think I could ever go back to another phone. I love the Facebook app. And my Kindle app (which allows me to read my books when I'm without my Kindle-- at least while my eyes are still good enough for the small screen). I love various news apps-- some local channels and then NPR and The Week. Gas Buddy helps me find cheap gas. Key Ring freed up my actual key ring as all of my loyal shopper/reward cards are on my phone now instead. Pinterest is addicting. Pandora feeds my music love. And I love a good Word Jumble or Rush Hour puzzle. Words with Friends, Family Feud and Friends, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies round out my games.

However, one of my FAVORITE apps of all time is Instagram. I love that vintage look it gives my photos with so little effort on my part.
I hadn't been using it for awhile. It was almost as if I forgot it. But alas, over the weekend, my Instagram love was renewed. Above: our Sunday morning music. Below: a boy and his doggy. Brennan isn't walking yet, but will stand for several seconds without holding onto anything. He loves Zoey so much and I'm amazed at how playing gently and not pulling her fur is almost instinctual for him. Eric and I keep saying that we'll never get another dog after Zoey because dog ownership is just hard. But really, it's only hard about 5% of the time (like when we have to take her out on a leash in the rain because otherwise she won't go out or when we have to find someone to watch her when we go out of town). I'm pretty sure Brennan will talk us into another one someday. I know it's still two weeks until Valentine's Day, but Cate and I started making some for her classmates. I was afraid that with 16 classmates and 3 teachers to make cards for, that she'd get bored after a few. She actually made 8 before she was ready to just color and not make Valentines anymore. And yes, I do know that there are convenient boxed Valentines that she could just sign her name on and be done with. But we got a letter home from preschool encouraging us to make Valentines. On the bright side, it was a good excuse to use all of that scrapbook stuff collecting dust in the basement (especially since Shutterfly books are so much more convenient-- I don't think I'll "scrapbook" in the traditional sense again).
And speaking of Valentine's Day-- those $1 gel clings from Target have been amusing my kiddos for days. Thankfully it's been about 60 degrees out for the last few days which makes keeping the front door open to play with them okay (in normal January weather, that door stays shut tight).
I know that last picture wasn't Instagram, but it does show you just how warm it is. Earlier today we put on jackets, loaded the kids in the wagon, gave them each a book to look at (which occupied them each for about 5 minutes), and headed out for a walk. We found some pine cones down the street which actually amused them for the remainder of the walk. Brennan loved being able to face his big sis. I loved being able to take a walk in January without freezing.

Happy Tuesday!
~Melody :-)


mama marchand said...

I love Instagram and I love your kiddos. They are so cute. :)

Lynn said...

It is great that you are making Valentine's instead of buying them. I find those boxed Valentine's to be pointless.

Thanks for your comment....I LOVE the new Lego Friends series. But Grace is not ready for them. She has some mild fine motor difficulties so even though they may be age-appropriate she struggles with those tiny pieces. Maybe next year...