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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

I love, love, love sending (and receiving) Christmas cards every year. Seriously. I know for some it's a chore, but not only do I love showing off the beautiful family God has blessed me with, I love, love, love hearing what all of our family and friends have been up to since the last Christmas and seeing their beautiful, smiling faces.

Several weeks ago we took a Saturday morning walk down a gorgeous street in our neighborhood. I don't know why I had never noticed it before, but a church on that street has the most amazing bright red doors. I told Eric we'd be back to take Christmas card pictures there. So that's what we did last Saturday morning. Armed with my camera, remote, and tripod, we took a few shots. The winner?Thankfully, Shutterfly had several card options for multiple pictures. So here are some that made the inside:

The tree pictures are from a park just outside of our area of town, French Park. The tree had low branches, perfect for posing in. These last few didn't make the final cut for the card, but it was close.

I love Brennan's face in that last one.

I have no aspirations to be a professional photographer, but I don't think I did too bad either. What do you think? Do you send Christmas cards? Like getting them?

~Melody :-)

PS: I am so very grateful to Elizabeth for hosting a Shutterfly giveaway on her blog (which I won). With the 25 free cards from her, 10 free cards from another promotional email, and a discount code, I got our 50 cards for $30-- a steal for the folded 5x7 cards that allow you to write a little update about your year inside.


Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

These are ADORABLE!!! Did you really just set the timer and smile? If so, your family (and camera) is way more cooperative than mine!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I am IMPRESSED! They look totally professional! And dont you love Shuttefly and all their discounts? I have 50 free cards, plus 10, plus $10 off and free shipping..now to choose a card this weekend..:)

Lynn said...

Fantastic photos! I love the red doors and the first tree photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photos! I'm trying to save my pennies to buy a nice camera. What kind do you use?